Planning A Funeral: What You Need to Know

Planning a funeral is an overwhelming situation to be placed within. It’s expected that a mixture of emotions will be experienced, with a large focus on sadness. Yet, it’s important to remember that a funeral is a memorial service, a time to celebrate the lives of those who meant something to us. It is a time to reflect and cherish old memories, while uniting loved ones.

It is understandable that planning a funeral service is something that most individuals will prefer to avoid in life. This however unfortunately cannot and shouldn’t be avoided, paying tribute to a close person who has died.

If you’re unfortunately arranging a funeral for close friends or family members, or hope to plan your own funeral, there are many plans to put in place. Here at Kenna and Turner, we are independent funeral directors, offering bereavement support and funeral arrangements at difficult and sad times. Here’s our guide on what you need to know when planning a memorial service.


The steps of planning a funeral

Planning a funeral is commonly a new experience for most. With this in mind, it can be difficult to gauge the exact steps of planning and holding a memorial service. It’s also important to remember that funeral costs can vary. This should be kept in mind when personalising a memorial service. Here’s a checklist of the steps to planning a funeral for a loved one or yourself.


Selecting the right type of funeral service

Depending on family traditions, religions or personal preferences, there are a range of funeral services available. Now more than ever, memorial services are becoming personal, catering to the wishes of those who have sadly passed. No matter whether a burial or cremation is selected, a funeral service can be worked around those wishes.


Finding a supportive funeral director

There are many funeral directors now available in the market. Yet, as a funeral is a personal, emotive experience, it’s important to find a suitable funeral director that will follow your wishes. Through this difficult time, our funeral directors here at Kenna and Turner will value your preferences, while helping you select the most suitable arrangements for your loved one.

Our directors are professional, compassionate and experienced in ensuring that every memorial is personal, while offering a supportive shoulder at this difficult time.


Finding a suitable venue and date

Both of these funeral arrangements again fall down to personal preferences. Some of our previous clients prefer a smaller, intimate memorial, while others favour a religious funeral at a chapel. No matter your personal preference, we will aim to set a convenient date, while providing enough time to make all funeral arrangements.


Choosing who will lead the funeral service

Funeral services can be held by a number of different people. The most common selections include religious ministers, funeral directors, a loved one or a non-religious minister. Arrangements can be made for either of these options, to work with your selected venue.



Funerals are a personal time. They are a time for loved ones or close friends to grieve and remember. With this in mind, personal touches can offer a celebratory outlook, hoping to ease this difficult bereavement stage. See the available personal touches below through our funeral arrangements.


Creating an online funeral notice/obituary

As funerals are a time for loved ones and close friends to come together and celebrate life, it is important that funeral arrangements can be accessed. By creating an online funeral notice or obituary, you’ll have the ability to share the venue and funeral date, along with details on donations or flowers, across the likes of social media.


Planning a reception

If you’re hoping to further celebrate the life of a loved one, a reception is a great way to bring family members and funeral attendees together. We highly recommend selecting a relaxed environment, close to your chosen service venue.


Personalising a memorial service

Alongside the common funeral arrangements, there are some personal touches that can be added to make this difficult time a celebration of life.

– Order of service: An order of service is a great way to involve attendees, along with personalising the service. You can select from hymns, funeral poems, songs, photographs and reception details.

– Music, prayers and readings: For religious funerals, prayers are a large focus of the ceremony. Through our funeral arrangements, you’ll have the opportunity to select suitable readings, music or prayers to remember and pay tribute to your loved one. If you’re arranging your own funeral, this is a great way to add a touch of personality.

– Flowers/ charitable donations: In today’s funerals, sending flowers aren’t as common, usually seen as an option for close relatives. Instead of funeral flowers, individuals are now opting for charitable donations, usually inspired to raise money for foundations or healthcare departments.
– A procession route: While arranging funeral transport, a procession route can be selected. This can include for the initial journey to start from the home of a passed individual, their favourite place or a personal journey.


Our funeral arrangements here at Kenna and Turner

If you’re in the process of planning a funeral for a loved one or would like to be organised and plan your own, here at Kenna and Turner, we can help. Offering a compassionate and caring approach, our bereavement support services, and funeral arrangements can help you create the perfect send off.

We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring that no matter what day or time, we can help you through our years of funeral experience. Whether you’re hoping for a religious funeral, or a small, personalised celebration of life, we can cater to this. Reach out to our team to make the initial funeral arrangements, along with receiving our support at this difficult and overwhelming time.

Planning a funeral is a personal process. Yet, avoid taking this step alone through our funeral services here at Kenna and Turner. If you are looking for professional, attentive and compassionate funeral directors in Wirral, then contact our team who can help.

Our Reviews

C ArcherC Archer
07:26 27 Jun 22
From start to finish they were wonderful. Professional, efficient and kind. They went to great lengths to make a difficult time easier. Philip was the person who looked after us. His intelligent advice through experience was greatly appreciated. He was assisted by Martin on the day. Everything was conducted with great dignity and respect.
Angela TannerAngela Tanner
06:10 17 Jan 22
Very impressed with Kenna & Turner. Professional, efficient and organised, so pleased we chose them. They made a difficult time so much easier.
Helen AndersonHelen Anderson
15:50 31 Dec 21
AmazingAbsolutely faultless from the initial phone call to the end. The care and dignity shown to not just my mum but our whole family was impeccable. Phil and Martin you are the most genuine and caring souls a long with the rest of your team, I would highly recommend to anyone who needs their services. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. The Anderson’s.
Steven HeneySteven Heney
17:27 15 Feb 21
I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Kenna and Turner for their help and support during the last few very difficult weeks.My dad sadly passed away suddenly and although this was a very challenging time it was reassuring for me knowing that dad was in the care of Kenna and Turner. Kenna and Turner did a fantastic job looking after dad and overseeing everything that was required for his funeral service.I was delighted that Kenna and Turner were able to secure the Deacon that I wanted for my dad's funeral and they even managed to arrange a photographic tribute to my dad during the service itself which was absolutely first class and very touching. Dad's service was lovely and Kenna and Turner did a fantastic job facilitating this. Kenna and Turner even ensured that the funeral cortege took in one of dad's favourite walking routes despite this being slightly out of the way.When personally dealing with any member of the Kenna and Turner team I always felt very supported and I was highly impressed with the professional way that they go about their business. Everything that I asked of Kenna and Turner was undertaken promptly, without any dramas and with total consideration for me, my dad and my family. Their attention to detail and calmness while assisting me these last few weeks has been a massive support.My cousin and his wife who live in the area that Kenna and Turner are based speak very highly of them indeed and now I know why.In summary I would like to thank everyone at Kenna and Turner for their help and support during a very difficult time and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services or indeed using them again.Best regards,Steve Heney
David JonesDavid Jones
15:34 21 Jan 20
My brother was involved in a fatal collision with a car. We did not know who to turn to for the funeral. We were advised as to how good Kenna and Turner were. From the first call to Phil we new we had the right people to look after us. Nothing was a burden and everything we needed was put in place. No pressure was put on us to make decisions. Everything was taken care of with warm friendly advice and supportive conversation. Phil kept us informed and updated at every stage. From my mum, myself and all the family we would like to thank Phil and the team to help us lay my brother to rest.
zojo mojozojo mojo
12:49 25 Oct 19
Lovely folk. Mellow, did not try to upsell us, and we're super respectful. I believe they were also very patient with payment (as it was coming out of the estate). They were really sensitive and did my mum proud. Love to you if you are reading this review. I promise it will get better. But you do have to reach out to make it better. I found grief counselling so wonderful. Xxx