As you will be aware, we are currently facing the threat of a coronavirus epidemic. As a responsible business, we are thinking of possible impacts on funerals already organised and those yet to be planned in the coming weeks and months.

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of a modern Black Volvo hearse and matching Limousine which can seat up to 7 passengers as well as one Ford Galaxy people carrier which can carry up to 6 people each. We are able to arrange further limousines if required.

All of our vehicles are updated every 4 years.

As well as our modern fleet we can provide:

  • Horse drawn hearse with either black or white horses
  • VW camper hearse and limousines
  • Lorry hearse funeral
  • Route master bus hearse
  • Motorbike hearses

If you have any other preferences please let us know, we are sure we can accommodate.

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