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Green and Eco-friendly Funerals

Green funerals are the way forward if you are looking for a special eco funeral among natural burial grounds. These types of funeral services are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Kenna & Turner can provide the perfect send-off for your loved one, taking into consideration their care and thought for the environment, even after their passing.

For more information on how to begin planning a green funeral, feel free to call on 0151 638 4444. You can also read below for more information on how Kenna & Turner Funeral directors can assist you in planning a natural burial for your loved one.

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What are Eco-Funerals?

An eco-funeral, often referred to as green funerals, are services that take place in natural burial grounds to grant the wishes of the deceased who wished for an eco friendly funeral.

These burials take place in green burial sites, typically in woodland burial grounds rather than traditional cemeteries. They have a very small impact on the environment and are carried out differently than traditional burials, such as embalming which is not typically carried out due to the chemicals used in the process.

An eco-conscious funeral is a lovely way to commemorate a loved one with very little impact on the environment. The burial site is typically marked with a planet conscious memorial, or not marked at all.

What are the Qualities of Green Funerals?

Eco cremations and burial services consist of practices that are not common in a traditional funeral service but are a vital part of a green funeral.

Some factors that are important to think about when considering a green funeral on natural burial grounds include:

No Embalming

Embalming requires chemicals that have the potential to pollute the woodland burial site.

As a result, it is common that an eco friendly funeral requires the avoidance of chemicals that are used when embalming the body. This is due to the commitment of the body being buried in its natural state to comply with the traditional route of natural burial.

Burial Only

A cremation seen in a traditional funeral requires a larger amount of energy than a green burial, which is why those who want green funerals are buried within a suitable green burial site. There are different types of eco friendly funeral services and both cremation and burial can be a part of this.

However, burial is considered to be the most green option for people who wish to have an environmentally friendly funeral.

Eco-friendly Coffin

Coffins that are used within traditional burial grounds are not the same as those of a green burial within natural burial grounds. Eco friendly coffins are typically made from recycled paper, wicker, banana leaf, cardboard or willow and are fully biodegradable.

Your green funeral directors of choice will explain the coffin options in detail and take you through the wide choice available.

Headstone Arrangement

Those who opt for eco friendly funerals on a natural burial site typically choose to represent their loved one not through a headstone, but instead through a planted memorial tree or flowers that can keep living.

This can be a truly comforting way of remembering your loved ones while also being environmentally conscious.

Where Can You Hold a Green Funeral on the Wirral?

If you’re looking for natural burial sites for a green funeral remembering your loved one, there are designated woodland burial sites to do such – including Mayfields Woodland Burial Ground.

Within this natural burial ground, you’re able to hold an eco friendly green funeral which can be organised completely through us here at Kenna & Turner.

Mayfields Woodland Burial Ground is private land, meaning there is a cost of buying the burial plot.

However, this can again be handled through Kenna & Turner so you don’t have to handle to stresses of planning a funeral while taking your time to grieve your loss. Green burials are an eco-friendly way to commemorate a loved one who wishes to be environmentally conscious.

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How to Know If a Green Funeral Is Right for Your Loved One

If you’re planning a green funeral and searching for natural burial ground for a loved one, it is a good idea to speak to a local funeral director to come to an understanding of what it means to hold a green burial or a woodland funeral.

This will help you understand if your loved one would be thankful of this kind of funeral service and whether it is the best choice for your family and loved one.

If the deceased was conscious of their environmental impact, green burials are a peaceful and thoughtful option to take the burial process to a place of natural beauty. Eco cremation and burial services are thoughtful and a beautiful way to commemorate a loved one.

Although a green funeral may not be for everyone, it is a beautiful way of keeping as much personality alive of the deceased during such a difficult time. Particularly if you or your loved one was environmentally conscious of their environment, these types of green funeral services is a great way to carry this on.

You’re able to watch new plants grow and green spaces flourish among the burial grounds which can act as a huge comfort for family and friends.

Are Green Burials Cheap?

Green burial services can be a cheaper alternative to traditional funeral services, due to the reduced number of services required as part of the burial. Although these types of funerals tend to be less expensive than traditional funerals, the costs greatly depends on the cost of the private burial ground and the type of coffin chosen.

For more information about the cost of an eco-conscious funeral, get in touch with our funeral directors today.

Get in Touch to Plan a Green Funeral

If you either want more information on an eco funeral and woodland burials or want to know what to expect from green funeral services, get in touch with the team at Kenna & Turner today by calling 0151 638 4444. We are here to help lift the weight that losing a loved one brings by planning a well thought out and personal send off.

Consider eco cremation and burial services for your own or a loved one’s funeral service – we can help you along the way.