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Military Funerals

Military funerals in the UK pay tribute to the men and women who have served in the armed forces.

These ceremonies hold great significance, providing a dignified farewell to those who have dedicated their lives to defending their country.

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Honouring Service and Sacrifice

Military funerals hold deep meaning and serve as a final tribute to the brave men and women who have served in the UK armed forces.

These ceremonies provide an opportunity to honour their service, sacrifices, and contributions to their country. With respect and solemnity, military funerals pay homage to these individuals and offer solace to their grieving families and loved ones.



Military Funerals in the UK

The armed forces play a crucial role in organizing and conducting military funerals in the UK. It is their responsibility to ensure that the funeral proceedings are conducted with the utmost dignity and respect.

The armed forces collaborate closely with the deceased individual’s family to ensure their wishes are honoured while adhering to established protocols and traditions.

Symbolism and Tradition

Military funerals are steeped in symbolism and tradition. The ceremonial elements, such as the flag-draped casket, the playing of the last post, and the firing of rifles, all hold significant meaning. These rituals serve as a symbol of sacrifice, and remembrance.

Funeral Preparations

Before the funeral takes place, there are several preparations that need to be made. These include coordinating with the armed forces, arranging for the transportation of the deceased, selecting the appropriate burial site, and ensuring the necessary permits and paperwork are in order. The armed forces assist the family throughout this process, offering guidance and support.

Funerals for Ex-Military Personnel

Typically, ex-military personnel will have to pay for their own funeral in the same manner as a civilian in the UK. Sometimes additional support can be accessed if you need further assistance, You can contact the veterans welfare service to check if support is available for bereaved families.

We can arrange for the Last Post to be played and for a regimental or national flag to be placed on the burial coffin. If you have any specific requests with regards to the service you can speak with the funeral director to make requests and discuss any features you would like to be put in place for the service.


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The Possibility of Holding Military Funerals Anywhere

Military funerals in the UK can be held at various locations, depending on the preferences of the deceased and their family. These are generally organised by the military itself in cooperation with the family of the deceased.

While many military funerals take place at designated military cemeteries or burial grounds, there is also the option of holding the ceremony at a local cemetery or crematorium. The armed forces strive to accommodate the wishes of the family while maintaining the solemnity and reverence of the occasion.


Lady in a military uniform paying her respects to the deceased.

Costs Associated with Military Funerals

Government Support and Funding

The UK government provides support and funding for military funerals to ensure that eligible individuals receive the recognition they deserve.

This support includes the provision of a military funeral director, transportation of the deceased, and the necessary ceremonial elements. These services are typically provided at no cost to the family, alleviating the financial burden during an already challenging time.

If you are organising a military themed funeral without direct military support you may still be eligible for government support with help covering the costs of a funeral.

Additional Costs and Considerations

While many aspects of a military funeral are covered by the government, there may be additional costs that the family needs to consider. These costs can include cemetery or crematorium fees, memorialization options, and any personalization requests. It is important for the family to discuss these details with the funeral director and understand the financial implications.


Additional Information 

Religious and Cultural Aspects

Military funerals in the UK are respectful of various religious and cultural traditions. The armed forces work closely with families to accommodate specific requests or rituals that hold significance to the deceased.

It is important for the family to communicate their religious or cultural preferences to the funeral director to ensure that the ceremony is conducted appropriately.

Support and Counselling Services

The armed forces provide support and counselling services to the families of those who have served in the military. These services aim to offer emotional support and guidance during the grieving process. Families can access resources such as bereavement counselling, support groups, and assistance in navigating the administrative aspects of the funeral arrangements.

Wreaths, Flags, and Insignia

During a military funeral, wreaths, flags, and insignia hold special significance. Family members or organizations may choose to present wreaths as a tribute to the deceased. A national or regimental flag may also be used to drape the coffin, symbolizing the individual’s service to their country. Insignia and medals earned during their military service may be displayed as well, honouring their achievements and dedication.