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Funeral Streaming Services Wirral

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed huge aspects of our lives, from our social lifestyles and the way we work to services such as funerals. Travel disruption and lockdown restrictions have  meant that millions of people have been unable to attend their loved one’s funerals.

Live streaming became and still is a popular and valuable way for loved ones to connect to memorial services from all over the world. It is an inclusive service for people and can serve as a sentimental keepsake afterwards.

Here at Kenna & Turner, we offer live streaming services to ensure that everyone can stay connected, no matter their circumstance.

What is Funeral Live Streaming?

Funeral live streaming has become an increasingly selected option since Covid-19 first hit in 2020. It connects people who would have been otherwise unable to attend a funeral service; it enables loved ones from anywhere in the world to watch.

The funeral is recorded live for anyone who wants to join with internet access, and the film can be made into a copy to watch at any time if requested.

The filming itself is kept discreet so that it doesn’t take away from the service, and the attendee’s privacy is kept intact as filming is typically positioned in an over-the-shoulder location.

By choosing to live stream a funeral, you are able to access the service in real-time as well as have a keepsake, which is a good option for people who are unable to attend due to travel or health restrictions.

How Much Does it Cost to Live Stream a Funeral?

The cost of a funeral live stream can vary depending on the package you decide to choose. The simple stream option involves a camera which can capture the church ceremony or crematorium using a HD camera and is the cheapest option.

To save a physical copy of the funeral service, an additional cost will be applied. This is typically around £40 and will provide you with a beautiful keepsake to remember your loved one.

For more information about the cost of our funeral webcast service, please get in contact with a member of our team at Kenna & Turner on 0151 638 4444 or email us at

How Do I Request To Live Stream A Memorial Service?

If you  want to include a live streaming service at your funeral, get in touch with us to organise the service. We offer a variety of additional packages to make your service fully customisable and suitable for your needs.

We work with Wesley Media, who are experts at filming ceremonies. Wesley Media have been in business for nearly 30 years and understands how to create beautiful films to tribute your loved one’s. They ensure that filming is discreet and understand the importance of the films they make – you can trust them to capture your service.

The team at Kenna & Turner will organise the webcast for you and ensure that the entire process is seamless and client-focused. We strive to make sure that your service is as accessible for everyone as possible.

Benefits Of Live Streaming A Funeral

There are many reasons why live streaming a funeral is a beneficial service to include when making funeral arrangements. It makes the service more accessible, provides you with a keepsake, and allows people who would otherwise be unable to attend join the gathering.

Some of the biggest benefits of live streaming a funeral include:

  • It brings people together: No matter where you are in the world, by live-streaming a service, you can share the moment to say goodbye to a loved one
  • Short notice: If you are unable to attend the funeral in person due to short notice or having prior commitments, you can either tune in to the service to pay your respects live or watch at a convenient time for you
  • Digital keepsake: You will be able to have a copy of the funeral, which means that you can share the memory forever. It is special to have a memento of a beautiful send-off
  • Distance or illness: If you cannot travel or have an illness which restricts you from attending a funeral in person, having access to a live stream of the event means that you can still pay your respects and experience the service