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How Much Does DWP Pay Towards a Funeral?

Funeral Bills

If you are on benefits help is availble from the Department of Work and Pensions to cover some of the costs of a funeral. However the amount you are entitled to will depend on your circumstances.

You can usually get help to cover the costs of a simple cremation and service. In addition,  £1000 is availble to help you with other costs related to the funeral such as purchasing a coffin, funeral directors fee’s and flowers.

This amount does not need to be repaid but may reclaimed by the government from the deceased’s estate if they have enough money.

How to Apply for A Funeral Payment?

You can apply for help with the cost of a funeral if you claim support under one of the following criteria:

  • Universal Credit
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Pension Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Disability or severe disability element of Working Tax Credit
  • Child Tax Credit

If you have applied for one of these benefits and not had a decision made, you can still apply for a funeral payment whilst you are awaiting a decision. You may also be applicable for a funeral payment if you have a mortgage interest loan.

To apply for a funeral expenses payment please call the Bereavement helpline on:

Telephone: 0800 151 2012

An advisor will help you put your claim together and explain any qualifying criteria.

You can also download this claim form, fill in the details and hand it in to your local jobcentre if you can not access the telephone service.

Who Can Make A Claim

To make a claim you must have a close relationship with the deceased. You must be either:

  • The partner of the deceased person
  • The parent of a baby stillborn after 24 weeks of pregnancy
  • The parent or person responsible for a deceased who was under 16  or under 20 and in approved education or training programme

If a deceased person has another sibling or parent in full time work, you may not be able to claim for the funeral payment. If you are unsure, it is best to speak with an advisor to find out if you are eligible.

If the deceased is a friend or relative such as a cousin, you may be able to make a claim if:

  • The deceased did not have a partner or working sibling when they passed away
  • The partner of the deceased or parent of a deceased child cannot make a claim, if for example they are in prison or living in a different country

Struggling With Funeral Costs?

We understand for some people to meet the costs associated with funerals can be a struggle.

Especially when you are grieving, having to deal with the added pressure of paying for a funeral is something that many initially do not consider.

Some people are prepared and take out funeral plans and this helps family and relatives at a time of passing.

Pre-paid funeral plans can help relieve pressure on families and who may struggle to cover the costs of a funeral without support from the DWP.

Dealing with the DWP can also often be cumbersome and when everything is happening at a fast pace regarding funeral preparations, it is not an ideal scenario in terms of funeral planning. These funeral payments can take upto 4 weeks to process and can add further stress to the situation if you are waiting on a decision.



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Here to Help with Funeral Costs

But we are here to help, if you want to discuss your options for arranging a funeral and associated costs, you can give one of our funeral directors a call today on 0151 638 4444.

We can give you advise on the types of funeral available and the costs of each funeral. Cremations are cheaper than burials and by tweaking the service you can save money on the overall costs of a funeral.

By doing this you will not have much of a bill after you have received support from the DWP for a basic funeral service and burial or cremation.