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Ashes into Glass

Turning ashes into glass is a great way to commemorate a loved one and have a meaningful keepsake - learn more about the process and your options.

When a loved one dies there are many ways to commemorate them. How you do it is up to you – some people settle on a headstone or scatter their loved one’s ashes in a significant place. A very popular choice is using a small amount of ashes and using them to create a unique piece of glass art.

Kenna & Turner are now offering ashes to glass service. We are a well-established family-run firm that can help you arrange a funeral and provide direct cremation services in the Wirral and other areas of the North West.

Ashes into glass necklace

Why Would You Turn Ashes into Glass?

Having objects and keepsakes created from a loved one’s ashes can be especially personal to mourners. They can also be very practical as now families often live far apart and not everyone can get to a gravesite with ease. With glass art objects everyone can have a piece of remembrance if they wish and remain connected to the person who has passed.

To many, the scattering of ashes feels rather final and some people like to remain close to a loved one – carrying with them a reminder. Turning ashes into a piece of art that reflects that person is a special type of tribute and the everyday wearing them is an act of love and remembrance.

For glass art, you only need a small amount of ashes so you can still scatter the rest of the ashes if you wish or keep them in a more traditional urn. And if you want to make a variety of different objects, there is no limit to what can be created so people can get what they want.

Kenna & Turner can help facilitate all this alongside additional services and may be able to include your ashes into glass wishes into a pre-paid funeral plan.

What is the Process of Turning Ashes into Glass?

Creating glass from ashes is a thorough process, allowing a small amount of cremated ashes to become a small piece of art. Glass art itself is a mixture of sculpting and painting where glass is both the canvas and the paint.

The process begins with you sending the required amount of ash for your desired design. Some objects may only require a very small amount of ashes but how much depends on the design or the number of objects you have ordered.

Once received, the ashes are incorporated into the glass when it is extremely hot and in a more liquid state. The molten glass then is more malleable and can be easily shaped. Glassblowing and lampworking are the two normal techniques of heating glass to shape it. With glassblowing, the heat source comes from a furnace whereas lampworking uses a torch or lamp.

To fully incorporate it the ash is laid on a flat surface and then the glass is pressed onto it. This part is known as layering with the ash positioned between two layers of glass until it infuses into one surface – when it is then shaped into the design.

After cooling, the glass will be fixed into a stone in a ring or a piece of jewellery, being cut and polished before being set.

Cremation ring

What Types of Glass are Available?

Several types of glass art are available for your choosing. Here are a few things that can be made using only a small amount of ashes.


Perhaps not an obvious first choice but something practical that can remain in the home for many years. Turning ashes into glass paperweights can be a simple and timeless memorial to your loved one. Not limited to the home, a paperweight can brighten up your office area. It is possible to get paperweights engraved as well if you want to personalise it further.


This is probably the option that comes to mind first. You can use ashes to create stones in sterling silver rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings, charms and bracelets and cufflinks. Jewellery like this can be worn every day, allowing you to always carry around a token of remembrance if that is what you want.


A piece of glass art to have on display is a popular choice. Heart-shaped ornaments on top of a fireplace, hanging orbs, glass urns and flowers are all design choices to consider. They can be a replacement for an urn, complement an urn beside it, or perhaps be the focus in a different room.

Cost of Turning Ashes into Glass

Even though we don’t like thinking about it when we are grieving for a loved one, money is a key consideration when organising a funeral and the affairs around it. If you have a limited budget you may worry about the cost of cremation glass. The good news is that turning ashes into glass is a meaningful and affordable way to celebrate the life of someone and remember them.

The cost of turning ashes into glass depends on many things such as the type of glass you want, the intricacy of the design, what object you want the ashes to be incorporated into and the quality of the metal used. An intricate design will cost more as it will take longer to make, requiring more paid man-hours to ensure it is done to the best possible standard.

Personalising the tribute further by engraving will increase the price also, which will also vary depending on the size of the engraving and the type of engraving you want. If you are intending to post keepsakes elsewhere then packaging and shipping will also factor into the overall cost.

Bearing all this in mind, the average price for this type of service is between £100-£450 but you may get it cheaper depending on the factors mentioned above.

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Putting your loved one’s ashes into glass is a unique and respectful way to honour that person’s memory. With a vast array of options, you can find the item that suits your budget and captures the essence of the person lost.

Kenna and Turner can help you with this process alongside all other aspects of arranging a funeral from start to finish. You can get more information on our fleet and coffins if you are more inclined towards a burial.

You can reach us by calling 0151 638 4444 or contact us via the website.

Customer Feedback

  • Amazing. Absolutely faultless from the initial phone call to the end. The care and dignity shown to not just my mum but our whole family was impeccable. Phil and Martin you are the most genuine and caring souls a long with the rest of your team, I would highly recommend to anyone who needs their services. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. The Anderson’s.

    Helen Anderson

  • From start to finish they were wonderful. Professional, efficient and kind. They went to great lengths to make a difficult time easier. Philip was the person who looked after us. His intelligent advice through experience was greatly appreciated. He was assisted by Martin on the day. Everything was conducted with great dignity and respect.

    C Archer

  • Thank you so much for the way you dealt with my Dad, Don Scully’s funeral on 21st December. You did a great job getting a funeral before Christmas & in choosing Dean Paul to officiate. Everyone was really impressed with how the day went. Many thanks again.

    Bobbie Scully

  • Thank you for the care and attention you gave to Tom Callaghan.

    Carl & Debbie Callaghan

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  • Just a thank you for all that you have done for myself and family of Elizabeth Siddorn and many thanks to Phil who went that extra mile for us.


  • You’ll always have my gratitude.


  • I would like to thank you for your services provided on behalf of my late father. The staff at your company provided the utmost respect and dignity in a very professional manner, nothing was too much trouble and you kindly provided advice where necessary. I can not commend you highly enough from the initial meeting through to conclusion.

    Mr C V – Warrington